Personalized digital learning in Flemish education

i-Learn enables teachers to build customized learning paths for each pupil individually, based on digital tools.


Personalized digital learning – the future

i-Learn wants to lower the threshold for the use of educational technology during classes. In primary and secondary schools, class groups are very heterogenous, often presenting teachers with challenging circumstances. How can a teacher ensure his classes are adapted to the level of each pupil?

Personalized digital learning can offer a solution. Via digital tools, the learning path of each student can be personalized. This way the teacher can adapt the course content to the learning speed and level of each student.

The i-Learn team developed an online portal to make educational tools easily accessible. In order to ensure a teacher uses the tools on offer in an optimal way, coaching sessions are a vital part of the i-Learn program.

The portal is a co-creation between i-Learn and Flemish schools and teachers: together we compose the right set of tools to lift the Flemish educational system to a higher level.

About i-Learn

The i-Learn program was launched in September 2019 and is supported by the Government of Flanders. In close cooperation with Flemish schools and teachers, the i-Learn team created an online portal through which software providers can make their digital applications for personalized learning widely available. Educational technology offers teachers the possibility to create a personalized learning path for each student. After a successful pilot in 12 Flemish schools in 2020-2021, the portal will be officially launched on 1 September 2021.

The i-Learn platform centralizes all useful applications in one workspace. To ensure each teacher makes use of these digital tools in the most effective way, the project team also offers guidance and coaching.

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