For financial resources and for identifying synergies around legal, ethical and social aspects of data applications, the programme can rely on the EWI Department.

Website EWI

For the financial support of the programme, for advice on technical aspects of purchase, and for identifying synergies for the research agenda on digitisation and media literacy, i-Learn can count on the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterprise.

Website VLAIO

For facilitating contacts with the right educational actors, validating the stakeholder management strategy and programme objectives, i-Learn can rely on the help and unique expertise of the Department of Education and Training.

Website Onderwijs en Vorming

As a link between policy and schools, teachers, pupils and parents, i-Learn can count on AGODI’s support.

Website AGODI

For good alignment around the standards pupils have to attain, i-Learn can count on the support of AHOVOKS.


For determining the educational technology needs and for designing didactic scenarios and guidance formats, i-Learn can rely on the expertise of KU Leuven educational policy.

Website KU Leuven

For stakeholder management (strategy and implementation), for technology needs assessment, benchmarking and programme evaluation, i-Learn can count on the expertise of ITEC, a research group of imec at KU Leuven.

Website ITEC

i-Learn can count on imec for privacy and security, impact assessment, legal support, tendering for the technological and didactic roll-out, programme management, communication and operational steering.

Website imec