Providers of educational tools

After the market surveys and the needs assessment in the educational field, tools were selected through a public tender. These tools are now accessible via the i-Learn SSO in MyWay. Next to commercial products, also some non-commercial tools are included in i-Learn. An overview of all the tools can be found here (in Dutch). i-Learn offers tools for general subjects like languages and STEM, which are broadly applicable in classes.

Focus interviews and questionnaires showed there were extra needs for language learning for non-native speakers, computational thinking and support for gifted pupils. Consequently there are more tools that cover these fields.


Do you have an educational product that you would like to introduce to us?

If so, please contact us using this form. Please note: it is no longer possible to be included as an educational product in the i-Learn portal during the i-Learn project (2019-2023), unless you are already participating in the ongoing tender procedure, however, i-Learn is also working on mapping the Flemish EdTech field. To this end, we are collecting existing educational tools into a list that we will then hand over to the government. This list can then serve as a basis for expanding the tool offering in i-Learn MyWay in the future, after 2023.