kind met puzzelstuk

At i-Learn, we believe it is important to develop a sustainable product. We have taken into account the needs of the educational sector and have built the portal in co-creation with our pilot schools, to be sure it meets the needs of our users.

Of course, we do not only value the input of teachers and students; we also did not lose sight of the expertise of subject- and target-group-specific organisations during the development of our portal. Firstly, we entered into dialogue with several organisations that gave us insight into approaches to specific domains, such as those working around STEM. With our project partner Brightlab, we gained a lot of expertise in this area. We also paid specific attention to languages and other domains.

Secondly, i-Learn MyWay is a portal that can provide added value for all students, regardless of background or learning level. We entered into conversations with organisations who work with students from foreign-language families, gifted students, students with learning difficulties or students with other specific learning needs. They helped us make the portal accessible and valuable to every student.

Finally, we engaged with organisations that have experience in digital learning. They provided insights which proved especially interesting in the aftermath of the global pandemic and its impact on our educational system.