Toska, directeur pilootschool primary and secondary education

We used the new portal for the first time in the classroom and it was nice to find that students who normally need more support in the classroom (e.g., students with autism and dyslexia) were able to go through the learning track smoothly and independently, just like the others.

Toska, educational headmaster Olvi-PiusX (Zele)
Mauro van de Scholierenkoepel Cross-curricular and cross-target organizations

There is a future in i-Learn. The more pupils feel they’re participating in their own learning process, they’re making choices that make it easier and more fun, the more pupils will get back on track who would otherwise have dropped out.

Mauro, member of the Flemish Scholars’ Circle
vrouwelijke leerkracht 1 primary and secondary education

Ever since last year, I have been thinking that everything is happening more and more digitally. I have to make sure that I jump on the train. This was my chance to try it out, to see what opportunities it offers. In the classroom, the use of i-Learn went quite smoothly by the way, students are quick to pick it up and really like working with it. They are really motivated to continue.

Kim Aelbrecht, teacher pilot school Olvi-PiusX (Zele)
Filip van AE Providers of educational tools

When developing i-Learn we don’t just build fancy windows and buttons. We translate educational business cases into something human, based on real user feedback. Our goal with i-Learn is to deliver a new and better way of personalized learning. Loved by its users. Ready for tomorrow.

Filip Scheir, AE
Vrouwelijke leerkracht 7 primary and secondary education

My pupils learn a lot at their own pace. Thanks to i-Learn, they can also start the next topic much more quickly and independently.

Carmen De Bruijckere, teacher at the pilot school Sint-Jozef & Sint-Janneke (Eeklo)